Nov 15, 2011

Join Clixsense Team and earn $512 Min./Year

How this team Work?

You join right now, (upgrade for just $14.95)
You can start earning right away, you will $512 earn from this team.

Benefits of Joining the Team
1. Referral signup commissions - You will Earn $0.2 for every of your direct referral click 20ads ($0.0004 to $0.008 per referral click) Very Useful  also $0.001 ads are include in this so if you got DR u will get $0.2 in 1-3days of his clicking
2. Higher direct referral click commissions
3. More chances to win in ClixGrid - You can earn upto $5 with this
4. Welcome Ads - If you join the team you will have a guaranteed of 100+ ads to click!
5. 8-Tier Affiliate Program -  I will show you how this works below

You will get your investment here by just using these benifit. What if you get your Donwlines from the Team? Just think about Referral Clicks of your Premium Downline + Affiliate with 8 Levels Deep! 

As a member of the team You will be given 2 downlines (1st level)
Those 2 downlines will earn you $4
(Clixsense pays $2 for each 1st level downline)

But Wait only $4?!!! 

NO the income never stop

Those 2 downlines you have at your 1st level will also have 2 downlines each
on their 1st level. Giving YOU 4 downlines on your 2nd level and earning you $4
(Clixsense pays $1 for each 2nd level downline)

Here is the Chart to Understand more

Direct Downline Method (Highly Recommended)
Get Downline Priority when you invite friends / actively promote new members to join under you and upgrade. This is the surest and fastest way to complete your
Level 1 Downline. No Waiting in the queue! (Only 2 Person can be added in the team, the rest you refer will be in the Next In Line Queue or You can Place them under your 2 person referred. Your Referrals earn, You Earn!)

Next In Line Method
Get 2 Upgraded Downlines by Queue Order if you decide to be a passive team member, that is, not inviting your friends or promoting the team to anyone. All you have to do is join Our Team and wait in turn for new unreferred members to join the team.

What if i already have an account? - You can Close your Account Just pm me so i can teach you


1. You must have $14.95 on your Alertpay, Paypal or Liberty Reserve account. You can also use Google Checkout (to be used for upgrading your account in clixsense)
2. Reply here "PM me" If you will surely join the Team 
Why join our team?

If you join clixsense alone, Nobody will help you to get downlines.
But if you Join our Team, we will help you to get downlines,build your network and earn up to

So what are you waiting for? Remember that this is a Yearly income...
Join our team TODAY and earn $512.00 EVERY YEAR!

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