Sep 22, 2011

Some Popular and Best Paid to Upload Sites to make money and file host

 Best Paid to Upload Sites to earn money and file host
What is paid to upload?
Paid to upload is an online filesharing where in a member are being paid by simply uploading their files and share them over the internet. Members get paid for every download from its file uploaded onto paid to upload sites. Paid to upload is becoming popular this days most forums and webmasters use this opportunity to earn money from their files. Paid to upload is free to join and buying premiums are voluntary. If you are looking for a legitimate sites to earn money online then I recommend you this list of paid to upload sites. Below you will find some of the best paid to upload sites that I am using. Not all paid to upload sites count every download from your files there are some sites which has a country restrictions. Before you join to a paid to upload sites it would be wiser to choose the sites that pays all download from all countries.
Best Paid to Upload Sites
FILESONIC - In my experience this is my best paid to upload site that I have joined and I’m being paid from this one every week.  They pay up to $30 per 1000 download from all countries. Weekly pay out every Monday no need to request they pay automatically through Paypal, Webmoney and Alertpay. Also they have the best affiliate programs and pays 25% of your referral earnings. The no. 1 paid to upload sites base on reviews and services.
FREAKSHARE This sites pays in Euros but only few uploader knew this site. You can earn up to 20 € per 1000 downloads from all countries. Minimum payout is  20 € and pay withing 48 hours upon requesting. Payment are made via Paypal or Money Bookers. You earn 1 € for every purchased of premium membership. You earn 10% from the money earned by your referrals. Minumum file size is 1mb and maximum of 400m per upload.
FILESERVE On top of the other paid to upload sites this is what other uploader prefered to use . A free member  can download as many files as he wants with no limitations. Earn up to $25 per 1000 downloads and 25% of your referral earnings. No county restrictions. You can request payout anytime via PayPal, WebMoney and AlertPay. Minimum payout is US$20. All requested payments are approved every Monday, and payout thereafter within 2 days.
WUPLOAD - Earn up to $40 for 1000 downloads of your files and 20% of your referrals earnings. No country restrictions meaning they pay downloads from all countries. They pay through paypal,  webmoney, and alertpay weekly on Wednesdays. Minimum amount to be paid is 10$. This site is just a new sites but it seems to be very good and it has no annoying pop-ups. Since this is a new site there is a lot of opportunity to get many referrals for this one.
UPLOADSTATION This site has gain popularit eventhough it is new bicecause of its attractive and user friendly set up. You can earn up $32 for every 1000 download of your files and 20% of your referrals earnings. They count all countries and minimum files size to be get paid uploading is 1Mb. All requested payout will be approved on Monday, and payout thereafter within 2 days.
BITSHARE – One thing I like about this site is that it has no annoying pop-up for you to download files. Safe and easy to use. You could earn up to $45 per 1000 downloads depends on the size of your files. The bigger the files the bigger your earnings. Minumum files size is 1mb maximum of 2GB. Earn 25% from your referrals earnings. Weekly pay out through Paypal, Webmoney and Alertpay, automatic payment no need to request

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