Jan 27, 2011

Get Paid every Month for being a member only

Matesgate is emerging best new social network site that pays to being a member every month,i joined this site since it launched and enjoying very much. Admin of site shares valuable and successful tips to earn money for every members and been active with us everytime, also
we can : 
Make friends,
Share photos,
Share videos,
Create own Blogs and Groups
Open online store to sell
Post our links
Paid to Chat
Paid to Post
(if we own any group we are alowed there to monetize our group to put ads in which is extra benefit for genetare personal income there is no such site gives this option.)

So How can we make money on MatesGate?

We can make money just by being a member.after being members we just have to click sponsored ads which will add money to matesgate "Pot"(all generated income added in pot everyday which will be shared to sites all member on end of every month)

50% of all revenue raised is shared between all members on a monthly basis without the need to do anything at all. A further 40% is shared between Featured Members, those that go out of their way to help promote the site!

This site is bright future site for Learn,Earn,Entertainment and to meet great persons.

If you are Interested for getting paid every month just by being a member