Dec 3, 2010

20dollars2surf - Earn Money automatic


Go to

Enter your Email, click on Join Us button to register.

Complete your Registration process to providing your name,email,payment details

Download the Cash bar, This one is the most simple Cash Bar

Then start Cash bar by double clicking on icon from your desktop or click on start menu,programs,click on 20dollars2surf icon and keep it active on screen to starting earning money

You can do another online activity while your Cash Bar is active

when Cash bar active you credited points every minute in your account

Your points are converted to cash at the end of every month!

Another benefits are:

In GAMES Section available : Bingo Surf, Wheel Surf to earn Credits,Cash and Surfpass

In BONUS Section available : Clicks Bonus, Surfer Bonus, Cash Bonus

Keep watch on the Surf Bar if appear SURFER BONUS click it you can gain between 1 - 1000 Points

Referral Level is 10 level deep and Earn 10 % from every referrals. 

Minimum Payout : $ 20  Via : PayPal


make cash

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