Nov 19, 2010

Social Networking website which pays you,that you already doing in facebook

Social Networking website which pays you !
Get paid for Sharing Photos, videos, blogs, groups, forum, discussion, playing games, upload files, document sharing, friendship.
Earn Money with
Social Networking websites are earning billions of dollars from their members efforts. is a new concept which is going to share his 80% of profit with his members for their efforts and time. People will get their share by using website, uploading photos, videos, blogs, posting, join groups, playing games, ask and answer and inviting friends.
Contents: ( Get money for Upload Photos, Videos, Blog, Forum posts…)
1.You can earn money through content?
Users that create or upload content, such as photos, Videos, Blogs, Groups, Ask & Answers, Forum posts and Games, on MyAllFriends receive different rated cents whenever content is uploaded.
Referral marketing:
2.You invite people to join and you will get credit for each user
You can use our Facebook Share on Main page or Invite Page to quickly invite lots of people.
Make an effort and invite lots of people to MyAllFriends.
The more people you invite, the more money they will produce for you.
Contests & Luck draws:
3.Every Month, A lucky draw is held and all active members are included in it, winners will be announced.
There are different prizes including Cash, Premium membership, gifts, coupons and much more prizes.
Contests are also held on website for High scorer in Specific games and best video and best pictures
Payment Information
Payout is just $5 by Paypal

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