Apr 3, 2010

iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) Releasing Date – 22nd June 2010 at Verizon store

The new Forth Generation iPhone (4G) named iphone HD is expected to launch on 22nd June 2010 at Verizon stores.
This news is leaked on multiple sources.
So the question is how iPhone HD (iPhone 4G) is better than current iPhone (iPhone 3G)?

- iPhone HD will have more speed in comparison to iPhone 3G because of upgradation of chip (Apple A4 chip)
- iPhone HD will be more sleek in comparison to iPhone 3G
- It will have second camera to allow videoconference calls.
- Higher resolution on touch screen ( 960×640 screen resolution)
- Multitasking facility will be available on iPhone HD
- Ability to drop shortcut buttons on the home screen
- Global mailbox view, which would combine multiple email accounts into a common mailbox

iPhone HD will be launched on Verizon store instead of AT&T. To use iPhone HD you need necessarily to deal with AT&T store
The cost of iPhone HD will be available here, as soon as it will be leaked.

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