Mar 23, 2010

Ram Navami Pooja 2010 – Puja Rituals Information

Ram Navami Pooja date is 24th March 2010. If you want to do Ram Navami puja in most correct method, you should know the the correct rituals of performing Pooja.

Ram Navami is a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. The best method is to call one Pandit in your home, bring all necessary items from market as suggested by Pandit, do all rituals of Ram Navami as according to Pandit.

If you are not able to bring Pandit in your home, Do the following for Pooja.

If you don’t have any problem with fast, Do fast for 12 hour (from morning to evening). If you are unable to fast, eat only boiled boiled potato, Saboodana or fruits without salts.

Make a visit to Ram temples and listen to stories of Ram janam.

You should offer flowers, sweets and light diyas and incense sticks in order to please Lord Rama and his consort. Two plate should be kept ready in front of the deities. One plate containing the prasad and the other containing necessary items like roli, aipun, rice, water, flowers, bell and conch for the pooja rituals. After lighting the diyas and incense sticks, you should sprinkle holy water, roli, and aipun and rice on the deities. You should read out holy mantras in order to please Lord Rama. After the poojayou should do aarti and after that holy water from the pooja should be sprinkled over the devotees as a sign of blessing and auspiciousness from God. Then distribute the Prasad.


Mar 3, 2010

Tips for Easy and Fast Weight Loss

Tips for Easy and Fast Weight Loss:

Tip 1: Must drink minimum 8 glasses of water in a day.

Tip 2: Juices, cream, sugar in your coffee or tea all add up.

Tip 3: Water helps in reducing weight in effective manner.

Tip 4: Have 5 to 6 small meals or snacks in a day.

Tip 5: Make habit of walking. Walk for at least 45 minutes.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Tip 6: Eat more vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes.

Tip 7: Eat only when your stomach wants food.

Tip 8: Avoid package (processed) and convenient foods.

Tip 9: Take stairs instead of taking elevator. More Tips

Tip 10: Eat fruit rather than juice, low in calories helps.

Tip 11: Eating whole foods will keep you satisfied for longer period of time than juice.

Tip 12: Eat equal portions of vegetables and grains at dinner. Prefer not eating with a large group.

Tip 13: After every 2 hours, get up and walk around the office or your home for 5 minutes.

Tip 15: A brisk five-minute walk after every two hours will your body active