Feb 26, 2010

IPL 2010 Match Schedule

IPL Schedule 2010
Date Match Venue Time
Mar 12 Hyderabad vs Kolkata Hyderabad 8 PM
Mar 13 Mumbai vs Rajasthan Mumbai 4 PM
Mar 13 Punjab vs Delhi Mohali 8 PM
Mar 14 Chennai vs Hyderabad Chennai 4 PM
Mar 14 Kolkata vs Bangalore Kolkata 8 PM
Mar 15 Rajasthan vs Delhi Jaipur 8 PM
Mar 16 Banglore vs Punjab Banglore 4 PM
Mar 16 Kolkata vs Chennai Kolkata 8 PM
Mar 17 Delhi vs Mumbai Delhi 8 PM
Mar 18 Banglore vs Rajasthan Banglore 8 PM
Mar 19 Hyderabad vs Punjab Vishakhapatnam 8 PM
Mar 20 Rajasthan vs Kolkata Ahmedabad 4 PM
Mar 20 Mumbai vs Banglore Mumbai 8 PM
Mar 21 Chennai vs Punjab Chennai 4 PM
Mar 21 Delhi vs Hyderabad Delhi 8 PM
Mar 22 Mumbai vs Kolkata Mumbai 8 PM
Mar 23 Banglore vs Chennai Banglore 8 PM
Mar 24 Punjab vs Rajasthan Mohali 8 PM
Mar 25 Kolkata vs Delhi Kolkata 8 PM
Mar 26 Chennai vs Mumbai Chennai 4 PM
Mar 26 Rajasthan vs Hyderabad Ahmedabad 8 PM
Mar 27 Banglore vs Delhi Banglore 4 PM
Mar 27 Punjab vs Kolkata Mohali 8 PM
Mar 28 Rajasthan vs Chennai Ahmedabad 4 PM
Mar 28 Hyderabad vs Mumbai Vishakhapatnam 8 PM
Mar 29 Delhi vs Kolkata Delhi 8 PM
Mar 30 Mumbai vs Punjab Mumbai 8 PM
Mar 31 Chennai vs Banglore Chennai 4 PM
Mar 31 Delhi vs Rajasthan Delhi 8 PM
Apr 1 Kolkata vs Hyderabad Kolkata 8 PM
Apr 2 Punjab vs Banglore Mohali 8 PM
Apr 3 Chennai vs Rajasthan Chennai 4 PM
Apr 3 Mumbai vs Hyderabad Mumbai 8 PM
Apr 4 Delhi vs Banglore Delhi 4 PM
Apr 4 Kolkata vs Punjab Kolkata 8 PM
Apr 5 Hyderabad vs Rajasthan Hyderabad 8 PM
Apr 6 Mumbai vs Chennai Mumbai 8 PM
Apr 7 Rajasthan vs Punjab Ahmedabad 8 PM
Apr 8 Banglore vs Hyderabad Banglore 4 PM
Apr 8 Chennai vs Delhi Chennai 8 PM
Apr 9 Punjab vs Mumbai Mohali 8 PM
Apr 10 Banglore vs Kolkata Banglore 4 PM
Apr 10 Hyderabad vs Chennai Hyderabad 8 PM
Apr 11 Rajasthan vs Mumbai Jaipur 4 PM
Apr 11 Delhi vs Punjab Delhi 8 PM
Apr 12 Hyderabad vs Banglore Hyderabad 8 PM
Apr 13 Chennai vs Kolkata Chennai 8 PM
Apr 14 Mumbai vs Delhi Mumbai 8 PM
Apr 15 Rajasthan vs Banglore Jaipur 4 PM
Apr 15 Punjab vs Hyderabad Dharamshala 8 PM
Apr 16 Delhi vs Chennai Delhi 8 PM
Apr 17 Banglore vs Mumbai Banglore 4 PM
Apr 17 Kolkata vs Rajasthan Kolkata 8 PM
Apr 18 Hyderabad vs Delhi Hyderabad 4 PM
Apr 18 Punjab vs Chennai Dharamshala 8 PM
Apr 19 Kolkata vs Mumbai Kolkata 8 PM
Apr 21 1st Semi Final - 8 PM
Apr 22 2nd Semi Final - 8 PM
Apr 24 For 3rd Rank - 8 PM
Apr 25 FINAL - 8 PM
Note: Please note that this is a tentative schedule and subject to change

Feb 24, 2010

Sachin creates history with 200* runs in OneDay Internationals

Many Many CONGRATULATIONS To Master Blaster SACHIN TENDULKAR Finally Eagerness comes to in end
Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar became the first batsman ever to score 200 runs in the history of the 50-over game. As Sachin broke the record of the highest One-Day International score of 194 runs held jointly by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar and Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry during his knock of 46th ODI hundred.

Feb 21, 2010

Wireless Security For Your Home Safety

Wireless Security For Your Home SafetyWhat can be done to insure your family’s safety? Perhaps there is no better alternative to security systems. Securing home is pretty essential since it gives you peace of mind.

Relying on a wireless security system for your home safety can be the way to go. Home wireless security alarms can be installed on doors, windows, swimming pools and garages. By installing an alarm on your door, you may not only prevent intruder break-ins, but also be aware in case any misfortune happens. Door alarms will let you know when a fire breaks out or a child walks out by emitting a beeping sound.

However, you should do some research to find the right home wireless security system for you. In case you are on the lookout for wireless door alarms visit home improvement stores. You might as well look for one online since online shopping is more time and energy efficient. You will come across a variety of security alarms that will meet your needs and requirements.

By the way, check the alarm batteries regularly, otherwise alarms would serve only as decorations.

Do not risk your property–take advantage of wireless security. Remember that safety at home should be your primary consideration.

Make home more efficient

Are you planning to shift just because you are tired or bored with your old home? Then please think twice. You may take just few simple steps of home improvement and make your home beautiful and more efficient with the less or 0 costs. No need to waste money to buy new house or shift yourself. Not only will you save thousands of cash but you can also design your own home.
First of all you may have to consider a budget if you have small budget then you have to reject some unnecessary changes and stick with the old stuff. Reject the improvement of the house's part that would depreciate its value.
Make a garden from out side of your home if it is possible. By this you may have beautiful view from both the side of home. Try to grow some useful plant, by which you may get vegetables and fruits, this will help you save you money on food. Experts say that to grow plant and trees is also help environment.
Proper lighting plays a very important for look of a home. You hay fit energy saving blubs and light from which you may reduce you energy bills by 30 to 40 percent.
Renovating your bathroom will also add market value to your home. To save money you can change the sink without contacting a plumber. For hot water keep solar thermal systems to your home, which makes really beneficial and you may use solar energy which is totally free.
If you are thinking to buy a new electronic products so must buy energy savings products. These will helps you to save home electricity energy. Check the insulation of your home and replace it with energy saver insulation.
Last, but not least, secure your home to protect from burglary and theft. For this you have trade windows and doors which not only give security but give your home nicer and wider look.
Use these simple useful home improvement tips to make your home efficient.