Nov 8, 2009

Gmail features and tricks

Here we discuss some awesome Gmail tips and tricks that will help users to manage their emails effectively.

1. Attachment Alerter: Check Attachment before sending mails In hurry, many people send mails without attachments, which look unprofessional when you are sending business related mails. The Gmail has “Attach Alerter” that will alert users before sending an email without attachment. To activate the feature, users have to enable the Forgotten Attachment Detector tool in the Gmail’s settings. Further, users can attach multiple files by browsing and selecting through holding shift or control key for contiguous or different files.  

2. Automatic Email Forwarding Gmail’s users can forward their all emails to another account. You can also keep a copy in the original account after forwarding it. Also, users can forward selective mails by creating filter.  

3. Gmail Search In Gmail, the search function works smoothly and checks all the messages including chat messages, all the messages in sent box, drafts, inbox, archived and labeled folders. Users can also search individual folder or any specific folder. For this, users have to write “Searchtext in:foldername” in the search box. Further, users can also use advance search, where they can specifically search the desired information.  

4. Using Multiple Gmail Accounts Many users have multiple Email accounts for different reasons and checking mails in all the accounts could be a tedious job, but this can be done easily with Gmail by forwarding all mails from all accounts to a single account and you can access all the mails without signing into different account.  

5. Last 5 Login Details If you think that somebody else is hacking into your Gmail account users can check last five recent activities in your Gmail account with its ‘Last Account Activity’ feature. To access the feature, you have to click on ‘Details’ link in the Last account activity line at the bottom of your Gmail page. The information retrieved will include the access type, IP address and date with time of access.  

 6. Import Your Contacts Users can import their contact details from Yahoo, Orkut and Outlook. Further, they can also import contacts from CSV file.  

7. Attaching an exe file For the safety purpose, users cannot attach an exe file like a normal file. However, you can load such files by renaming the file without an exe extension or compressing it before attaching. And the receiver has to rename it again with exe extension or uncompress the attachment after downloading the file.  

8. Gmail Display Language Users can follow Gmail in their native language and can send message in yours or recipients favorite language, by selecting language in the format bar of the Gmail.

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