Oct 14, 2009

Make Free Website Domain Name

www.co.cc offers a FREE domain name registration! If your domain is for personal or non-commercial use, then you don't have to pay for a single cent. Just be sure not to run any spamming or adult site. Also, you DO NOT need to renew it after a year. Isn't that good news for a newbie blogger like me? I can give my blog a more professional look without spending anything.

www.co.cc offers both FREE and paid domain name registration. So, YOU have the option. If you are going to register a domain for commercial-use, then you will have to pay a $3. Registering for www.co.cc's "Top Domain" will also require you to pay a fee.

If you want to have more domain names, you do not need to create multiple accounts. If you DONATE $10 to www.co.cc you can register for 100 more FREE domain names. The higher the sponsorship, the more domain names you can register.

Try it. You can check your prefered "yorname.co.cc Below and register. 

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Anonymous said...

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