Feb 4, 2009

YouMint Earn from receive paid sms and email

YouMint.com Is owned by MobileTree Ltd, Registred in England. Its parnet company is a London based holding comapny.

Register with YouMint


Register with YouMint here

When you sign up with youmint you will start receiving relevent promotional messages and emails based on the number of messages you specify and the time you want to receive them.Each time you receive an sms or email you will get paid for it. You can invite your friends too join .Youmint will pay you for direct referrrals & referals refersals.


Youmint pays you through cheque when your account balance reaches Rs 300.00 . Presently they are paying throuh cheques only.  see youmint payment proof here

Free Sms

You can Send free sms through youmint website, the more you invite , more sms you can sent. You can sent even more sms f your friend is from youmint network.

My Personel analysis

I have joined youmint on sept 16 , 2008,as I said earlier, it was the beginning stage of the concept. youmint has sent me so many cash mails in my inbox, But no sms till today. I have more balance than Mginger in my youmint account due to their referral program and other offers. My first payment is released from youmint .

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